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Watering Trees and Shrubs

Watering Trees & Shrubs

Regularly checking and adjusting soil moisture around your plants is needed in order to be sure they survive. Plants that have been transplanted within the last 2 years are especially sensitive to lack of water and must be watered adequately to be covered by our warranty (even if there is a water ban).

Completely Soak the roots of new plantings at least twice per week, always applying water slowly to the soil, not on the leaves. Allow the soil to dry out between watering days.

-Lawn irrigation is not enough!

-Check for moisture by digging down 4-6 inches in the root area to feel the moisture in the soil with your hands. Add water if the soil is dry and crumbly. If the soil feels soggy you may be over-watering

-Blast Watering wastes water. Run the hose slowly so the plant has time to absorb the water before it runs off.  Watering methods:

1) Watering by hand: Drop a hose at the plant’s base, on low flow. At each watering, your new plants need:

· Small shrubs up to about 3 ft. high and wide: 4-5 gallons

· Large shrubs over 3 ft.: 7-10 gallons

· Small trees less than 2” stem diameter (caliper): 7-10 gallons

· Larger trees more than 2” caliper: 10-20 gallons 

 2) Drip Irrigation or soaker hoses can be set up easily and are the most efficient methods of watering several plants. They can even be put on a timer for automatic watering.

 3) Gator Bags, Tree Diapers and soil moisture additives (Lesco Moisture Manager at Site One) can all be helpful especially when water use is restricted.

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To Avoid Drought Related Problems be sure to:

-Create a saucer around the planting area to keep the water in the root zone

-Mulch: Apply a 3” to 4” deep layer of mulch inside the saucer area. Keep mulch 3” away from the stem or trunk of the plant.

Hand Watering

Plant Care_watering tips from Hopkinton Stone and Garden

Tree saucer_Tree Planting_Hopkinton Stone & Garden

Create a saucer with soil to keep water from running off, away from the plant's roots.