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Garden Center and Tree Nursery in Hopkinton, MA

Locally grown Trees and Shrubs at Hopkinton Stone & Garden. Hopkinton, MA

Quality Trees and Shrubs at Great Prices

                                                                                                Easy to Find! On Route 495, Exit 21A

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♦  Evergreen Trees and Shrubs for natural privacy screen planting and year round enjoyment

♦  High Quality plant material at Great Prices 

♦  Ornamental, Shade and Flowering Trees and Shrubs

♦  Stone and Paver Landscape Materials

♦  Built-in Grills, Outdoor appliances and Patio Furniture

♦  Locally grown plants from our own MA tree nursery and green houses, Learn more About Us

Trees for Privacy and Screening at Hopkinton Stone and Garden


We grow Redbud Trees at our Auburn farm!

We've got loads of Redbud trees!

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Flowering Trees and Shrubs at Hopkinton Stone & Garden

Jump into spring with flowering trees & Shrubs

Evergreen Trees are ready for screening at Hopkinton Stone & Garden

Great selection of Evergreen Trees for Screening

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